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Realism and Liberalism, A Breakdown

Realism and Liberalism are the two most popular schools of thought in International Relations, these two philosophies get thrown around a lot when discussing political issues, however, many a times these two schools of thought get misinterpreted and used in the wrong context.  Keeping in mind that these two philosophies are both as valid as each other, neither is wrong and both are valid political philosophies. Lets Start with Realism;
International organizations from a realist perspective
Realism Is a view of international politics that portrays the international structure as anarchical, that is, an anarchic environment in which there is no world government to impose structure and stability, states therefore engage in self-help behaviour to ensure their longevity. Its anarchical nature heightens the interaction between states and competing interests, and this heightened interaction has the potential to scale into military conflict. The Term International Organizations from a realist pers…

Is It too early to Claim an Asian Century?

With the United States' decreased influence in the international scene, a power vacuum has emerged in consequence. While usually there have been ups and downs in terms of US influence in the world, president Trump's "America First" philosophy doesn't look to attempt to regain US dominance, in fact, at times it seems as if president Trump isn't really focused on the impact that his policies will have on the international scene, and whether or not he should be is a discussion for another time. As an example, Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate Accord has left a huge leadership gap, one that China-with its 'aggressive' plan to fight carbon emission- would be very keen to fill. In recent years, there has been a transfer of wealth and power from the 'old world order'- dominated by the United States and Europe- to non-western states. It is without a doubt the end of the 'American Century' but perhaps it may be imprudent to claim an…